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Interesting video about the future of technology and how far we have come in recent years.  Some stimulating facts for you to dwell upon.  Found on the lovely Monster-munch.


Ok…after some hard searching I think I’ve managed to iron out all the bugs concerning embedding Vimeo into this blog.  The direct result of which means I can share this fancy set of timelapse shots made by a guy called Tom from with you all. I absolutely love the shots panning across the desert; see if you can spot the satellites moving across the sky in those ones.

Oh and I promise that will be enough videos…for now.

Architecture students get it so hard.  This video provides some evidence quite clearly, though it fails to mention the days spent in eating and sleeping in studio that drive your broken social life further away from your non-archi friends.  It’s worth it, I’m sure...

[via The Life of an Architecture Student on YouTube.]

Very cool static animation found thanks to the delightful Monster-Munch.  He speaks so casually about the method he uses to make the animations move, but I’ve watched it 3 times now and still can’t get my head around it!


Twenty-something aspiring architect at Bath University, England, with a worrying fondness for polaroids and analogue photography. Other interests include typography, screen-printing, interior and packaging design, and anything that has been made with some thought and love.

From time to time I use either my SX-70 polaroid, OM20 35mm, Agfa Isolette medium format, or Sony A350. You can find photos on my Flickr.

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