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kink radio1

Ffffound these awesome comics this morning; they seem to capture all those perfect Jamie Hewlett nuances I love about this style of art.  Like Gorillaz much?  This would definitely be one for the collection then.  Check out the rest of them on Behance, its got a nice little narrative as well as kick-ass illustration – and I love the little “ads” along the bottom of some of the panels, nice touch.  Thanks to Russian visual art group Honk Fu.

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Twenty-something aspiring architect at Bath University, England, with a worrying fondness for polaroids and analogue photography. Other interests include typography, screen-printing, interior and packaging design, and anything that has been made with some thought and love.

From time to time I use either my SX-70 polaroid, OM20 35mm, Agfa Isolette medium format, or Sony A350. You can find photos on my Flickr.

Here is a collection of interesting and wonderful things people have created that I have happened to be fortunate to stumble across, and sometimes some of my own. I have not created all of the content on this site and credit is made to the source where it is due and if it is available.