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The winners have just been announced for this year’s Thyssenkrupp Dubai Competition with a surprisingly simple entry taking first prize.  For those unaware of this competition, open entries were called upon to design a tall emblem structure to be built in a park mere spitting distance from the Burj Al Arab-aka-tallest building in the world.  Obviously being tall had something to do with it being organised by an elevator manufacturer, however it could rise more than 170m above sea level.  Thus, appeal would be generated by witnessing how a landmark is designed without being so damn tall for a change.  2967 teams, consisting of 4651 architects from 106 countries, registered for the competition. 926 total projects were received by the deadline.  And the winners are…

First Prize: Dubai Frame by Fernando Donis (Netherlands)


dubai frame 2
Dubai is a city full of emblems, Rather than adding another one, we propose to frame them all: to frame the city. Rather than building a massive structure, the purpose of this project is to build a void. This void of 150 meters by 105 meters will continuously frame the development of the current and future Dubai.

Gaze upon the submitted visual for yourselves and ponder upon the time taken to devise let alone execute such an idea.  This is the reason I love entering open architecture competitions and hate viewing the results.  Anyone can win, and usually it depends on catching the eye of the judges.  However I’m unsure to the glimmer of the winning entry if you see what entries followed close behind.  More after the jump.

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