Now, we’ve all seen the winning entries but I was intending on finding some examples of the entries that did not make the judges’ grade.  At least it would be a display of what calibre the panel had to sift through to get these gems.  Fortunately, a few prominent website have done so already, saving me a post I guess.  Anyway, check out some quite interesting proposals at Bustler, and Europan.  As for me, to avoid seeming too lazy here are a selection of some of my favourites:

Desert Rose Oasis by TPD&A – Witkowski, Belgium.

thyssenkrupp_desert rose


This entry derives its form from the mineral crystals of the same name, which are created from the desert sand.  A nice analogy to comment on how Dubai has grown as a city from the desert.

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Geotube by Faulders Studio, USA with Charles Lee and Jason Chang of Bios Design Collective.



The impressively parametric form of this tower supports a permeable membrane that is contantly pumped with a salt water solution.  Although the practibility is questionable, the intention is to create an ever growing facade of salt crystals as the saline evapourates in the hot desert sun.  Not a bad scheme to be able to boast a salt collection facility as a by-product of the general form.

Clear Dark Icon by Playtime Agence d’Architecture, France.

thyssenkrupp_clear dark icon

thyssenkrupp_clear dark icon2

thyssenkrupp_clear dark icon3

A nice entry with an ambitious idea.  Developing the “framing” of the city idea pursued by the winning entry and others (including my own) this scheme ambitiously proposes to create several camera obscuras orientated in the direction of the developing Burj Dubai district.  The result would produce a hazy image of the rising skyline behind the building, projecting this image of development and (perhaps) prosperity to the visitors of the park.

Tall Emblem Structure in Dubai by ARCHICLUB, France.



Slick visuals, and an interesting idea, although succumbs to looking like a prominent high rise building.

Trade Tower by Nick H, Architect, United Arab Emirates.

thyssenkrupp_trade tower

One of my favourites, and would have been a great gesture to the sustainablity camp, as well as celebrating Dubai’s shipping industry instead of its impressive and not-so-impressive developments.

Element by 2pm architecture, dauphins architecture & Physalis, France.


Again, something a little different that doesn’t just look like tall building.  More entries in this category range from flower towers, to solar updraft plants.  Bustler are adding entries as they are sent them so make sure to check them all out here.