It has been a very very very long hiatus, mostly due to relationship transitions and the fact I am reading the most work intensive course in the UK. For the record, I find it pretty disappointing that there will be no log of man-hours spent pouring our lives into the projects we have to do. Final year BSC Architecture at the University of Bath gran the entire department into the ground this last semester. Images of the work I’ve been toiling away at will be posted soon enough. As for now, I hope this is a sure sign for a good year of blogging. Hope everyone has had a good one!


albert einstein

Ffffound another interesting series of work, this time by Stéphane Massa-Bidal of Retrofuturs, a graphic company apparently.  Here he puts interesting quotes from surprising sources; some are quotes from historical figures while more are lines from pop culture references such as Windows XP or even Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Check out the series on his flickr for more.

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fashonista surgical masks

Fashionable surgical masks are the answer of course!  With a little free time on her hands, out of work art director Irina Blok decided to get creative with these fashonista surgical masks.  She says: “With all the paranoia about swine flu i think there’s an opportunity to do something cool – design fashion surgical masks! Not only they are aesthetically pleasing, they can save your life (well.. not really.. they mostly just look good.)”

To be produced in a limited run at $10 a pop you can email her if you want one!  If the domo-kun mask isn’t enough of an incentive, she’s also going to be donating to Children International to help Mexico fight the swine flu epidemic.

kink radio1

Ffffound these awesome comics this morning; they seem to capture all those perfect Jamie Hewlett nuances I love about this style of art.  Like Gorillaz much?  This would definitely be one for the collection then.  Check out the rest of them on Behance, its got a nice little narrative as well as kick-ass illustration – and I love the little “ads” along the bottom of some of the panels, nice touch.  Thanks to Russian visual art group Honk Fu.

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Now, we’ve all seen the winning entries but I was intending on finding some examples of the entries that did not make the judges’ grade.  At least it would be a display of what calibre the panel had to sift through to get these gems.  Fortunately, a few prominent website have done so already, saving me a post I guess.  Anyway, check out some quite interesting proposals at Bustler, and Europan.  As for me, to avoid seeming too lazy here are a selection of some of my favourites:

Desert Rose Oasis by TPD&A – Witkowski, Belgium.

thyssenkrupp_desert rose


This entry derives its form from the mineral crystals of the same name, which are created from the desert sand.  A nice analogy to comment on how Dubai has grown as a city from the desert.

See more entries after jump.

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Recently I stumbled across the Twitter page of Arjun Basu, a writer who posts poignant stories that run to their conclusion in 140 characters.  I find these expresso-like shots of prose, combined with the constantly updated content, are perfect for today’s fast paced and busy days.  See for yourself on Arjun’s twitter page here.  Here are some samples for your delight:

“He fell off a cliff in his dream and woke up on the floor. There was a golf club next to him. But he didn’t play. And the club smelled rank.”

“The insurance agent surveys the ruins. The homeowner follows her. He says, What do you think? The agent shrugs. I wish I had money, she says”

“Dan believed in love like lions believe in sauteed mushrooms. This didn’t stop him from dressing well. Or decorating his house with flowers.”

“He always expects the elevator to break down. That’s why he checks the ladies out every time. To see who he could make babies with. In case.”

Interesting video about the future of technology and how far we have come in recent years.  Some stimulating facts for you to dwell upon.  Found on the lovely Monster-munch.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to bind my own books, so when I came across this rather concise tutorial the possibility of such a thing became slightly more probable. Find out for yourself here, by Dave the Designer.

Ok…after some hard searching I think I’ve managed to iron out all the bugs concerning embedding Vimeo into this blog.  The direct result of which means I can share this fancy set of timelapse shots made by a guy called Tom from with you all. I absolutely love the shots panning across the desert; see if you can spot the satellites moving across the sky in those ones.

Oh and I promise that will be enough videos…for now.

Architecture students get it so hard.  This video provides some evidence quite clearly, though it fails to mention the days spent in eating and sleeping in studio that drive your broken social life further away from your non-archi friends.  It’s worth it, I’m sure...

[via The Life of an Architecture Student on YouTube.]


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